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GBC German Business Company GmbH

Rotenburger Str. 9

30659 Hannover


Tel.  : +49 511 / 6165989-0
Fax. : +49 511 / 6165989-66 


  • Rolling stock supply

    Ability of supplying different kinds of passenger and freight locomotives
  • Agent of World's leading manufacturers of Railway industry

    GBC GmbH, presenting high experiences of team working and expert human resources and honored as the agent of leading manufacturers of railway industry has found its good position in supplying the main volume of railway industry rolling stocks requirements as spare parts and after sale and maintenance services. Now GBC GmbH acting as the reputed  dealer of companies like KIROW, HAWKER, VOITH Turbo, MAHLE-BEHR industries group, GRAMMER and etc. is the exclusive supplier of original and Genuine parts of Diesel motors, Motor cooling systems and also power transmission system and automatic gearboxes used in railway industries and also it is supplier of genuine parts for  different kinds of locomotives.
  • Railway system parts and equipment supplying

    GBC GmbH using its international network as the exclusive representative of leading manufacturers and also good knowledge of different railway systems in different area of passenger and freight fleets, urban and suburban underground and signaling systems, is acting as the main supplier of railway systems
  • Rolling stock maintenance and services

    using the updated knowledge and Technology, this group is ready to participate in different projects of maintenance and repairing railway fleets including locomotive, passenger wagons, Metro cars DMU and rolling system equipments. Approaching original and genuine parts is the main advantage of cooperating with this group and has important agreement of repairing the passenger locomotives and equipping it to HVAC system, repairing automatic gearbox and MAN diesel motors, optimizing the locomotive cooling systems and DMU in their near agenda.

References of Locomotive
1- Partner in repair and rebuild of 198 diesel engine units

2- Partner in rebuild of 136 diesel engine units spare parts included.

3- Partner in Repair and rebuild of 33 units locomotives (3300 HP)

  • Supply of spare parts for the 33 units
  • Overhauled & repaired all mechanical  & electrical components
  • Disassembled & assembled all electrical & mechanical components on locomotive

4- Partner in repair and rebuild of 4 units of 8, 12 cylinder engines and repair and rebuild cooling system & whole related system (oil, water and fuel) together with supply of all related spare parts
5- Partner in conversion and Repowering of one unit of (1650/1500 HP) out of service locomotive to new type (2570/2450 HP) – Prototype project including:

  • Increase length & width of locomotive chassis
  • Convert & modify all electrical ,mechanical ,cooling system & brake components
  • Increase of engine power (2570/2450 HP) conversion of Blower type to turbocharger type

6- Partner in repairing and rebuilding locomotive’s safety pedal for 120 locomotives

References of freight cars

1-  Partner in rebuilding and repairing coil system and body of about 7100 tank wagons
2-  Partner in conducting all levels of repair operation (semi-overhaul, overhaul, and rebuild) on the total number of 16000 wagon bogies 
3-  Partner in overhauling and rebuilding floor and body of different types of freight cars including total number of 8000, ore cars, flat wagons, and tank wagons
4- Partner in overhauling structural frame, body and related parts in 2200 hopper and ballast wagons
5- Partner in overhauling and rebuilding different types of wheel and axle including MT and UT tests, wheel lathing, replacing wheel tire, replacing mono block wheel, replacing axle, rebuilding head of journal axle, and repairing or replacing its parts in 32000 wheel sets
6- Partner in overhauling and rebuilding over 64000 axle boxes and rebuilding the housing of axle box, replacing roller bearing, couplings   
7- Partner in overhauling and rebuilding 20000 buffers (absorbers) of freight cars
8- Partner in overhauling 10000 couplers such as automatic uni-coupler, automatic coupler, chain coupler, SA3, and rebuilding coupler parts such as traction yoke, coupler pocket and suspension etc
9- Conducting overhaul and other repair operations on 5000 brake systems of different types of freight cars including piping, rigging lever, air valves, safety valve.
10- Partner in overhauling 5000 air distributors of freight cars 
11- Partner in overhauling 5000 DRRV2A, DRV300, DRV600 automatic brakes 

References of passenger wagons

1- Partner in rebuilding of 24 passenger wagons
2- Partner in rebuilding of 2 restaurant wagons
3- Partner in repairing of 22 power cars
4- Partner in repairing of different type of diesel engines